Jul 06

Commentary: Godzilla vs. Gigan (1972)


Jeff, Bryan, Rachel and I sat down to record a commentary for what I’m saying (right now) is my favorite Godzilla film from the 1970s, Godzilla vs. Gigan (Chikyū Kogeki Meirei: Godzilla tai Gigan). In addition to everyone coming over before hand to watch the film together, I opted to read a few things instead of trying to rely on my faulty memory. I think the result is a pretty damned entertaining and informative 90 minutes.

Also, since I was unable to keep up with the score’s commentary, here is a… Read the rest of this entry »

Jul 01

Ol’ Banana Hands….



Our new commentary has been recorded! It should be online this week… I’ll give you 28 guesses as to what it could be. ;)

Oct 18

Drunken Commentary: Godzilla (1998)

The Kaijucast urges you to drink responsibly...

Let’s get this out of the way first. This is a DRUNKEN commentary and it is NOT CLEAN. That is to say, it’s explicit and not for the sensitive ears of our listeners that cannot handle f-bombs (in addition to a bunch of other bombs). Ok, now that we’ve said that…

That’s right….we’ve done it now, folks. We created a drinking game, sat down with some good old fashioned booze and watched the 1998 American abomination poorly titled Godzilla. Or as fans around the world call it, G.I.N.O. (which stands for Godzilla In Name Only). We had a blast recording this and, surprisingly didn’t get as wasted as I thought we would. Praise the Flying Spaghetti Monster for small wonders, right?

If you’ve lost your mind and want to play along, the drinking game’s rules are simple:
1. Every time someone messes up Nick Tatapolous’ name, DRINK!
2. Every time someone calls Nick “the worm guy”, DRINK!
3. Every time the french crew complains about America, DRINK! 
4. Every time the mayor and his aid give a thumbs up or down, DRINK! 
5. Every time the military misses Zilla and hits something else, DRINK!
6. When a Simpsons cast member appears on screen for the first time…DRINK!
7. Every time you see product placement….DRINK!  

The Kaijucast urges you to drink responsibly.

Oct 17

That’s A Lot Of Fish…


Oh, it has been so long. We have no excuse. But at least we have recorded our next commentary. I’ve teased it on the podcast, but we wanted to watch a terrible, terrible Godzilla film and drink and really just let loose. Our target? The 1998 American Godzilla from Tri-Star. Yeah… it was a bad call.


Mar 16

Commentary: War of the Gargantuas


I just finished tweaking and uploading the fourth audio commentary. Thanks to a poll on Kaijucast.com, we selected the 1966 not-really-a-sequel-to-Frankenstein-Conquers-The-World kaiju epic, War Of The Gargantuas. We watched the American version of the film because it was both available on DVD and on Netflix (at least at the time of this posting). I had some serious post production to run on the audio tracks, so please forgive some of the quieter people – we’re still working out the best way to record these. Hopefully you enjoy listening almost as much as we did watching and commenting!

Feb 14

Can a country survive when two gargantuas battle to the death?


Major apologies for the delay in this update – apparently commentaries are a lot of work! On the plus side, I’ve been listening to a LOT of the commentaries that have been provided by Kaiju eiga historians such as Stuart Galbraith IV, Ed Godziszewski, August Ragone, Steve Ryfle and others in order to get a *much* stronger sense of the depth that these people will go to to make their presentations engaging and informative. I’m determined to make our next commentary something quite amazing – and that’s not going to be easy as the film basically serves as a bold footnote to more popular kaiju films. Thanks to a pol on the main Kaijucast page, our next commentary was voted on by the listeners and will be for the 1966 WAR OF THE GARGANTUAS! And it should be online by the middle of next month. Now if you’ll excuse us….. we’ve got a lot of work to do.

Sep 16

Commentary: Godzilla vs. Hedorah

The 3rd commentary track is now available for download. This time we dive into the hideous depths of the 1971 Toho classic from the “showa” era, Godzilla vs. Hedorah – commonly known here in the United States as Godzilla vs. The Smog Monster. We were watching the international version of the film. Aside from myself (the controller) the commentators in this track were Jeff Dean, Dave Helfrey and Bryan Cook. There’s not a lot of dead air, but we I didn’t cover as much as I thought I was going to. While the movie is somewhat of a train wreck, it is a really fun ride. Hopefully you will have as much fun listening as we had recording!

This commentary is dedicated to the memory of James Bonney, who not only was a loyal kaiju fan, but a contributor and listener to the Kaijucast.

On a journey, ill;
my dream goes wandering
over withered fields.
–Death Haiku by Matsu Basho

Aug 19

Pollution’s hideous spawn dooms the earth to choking horror…

Godzilla vs. The Smog Monster (aka Godzilla vs. Hedorah) 1971

We’ve chosen the next commentary track! Hopefully we’ll be adding another couple of Kaijucast regulars to the list of commentators. Expect to be thrilled and chilled and somewhat educated in September!

Apr 22

Commentary: King Kong vs. Godzilla

Our second commentary is online! This one is for the 1962 King Kong vs. Godzilla and we watched the Universal DVD release. Along with myself, I was joined by Heather Brask and Jeff Dean (my co-hosts from the Kaijucast) for this commentary. We chose this film because the Hollywood Theatre here in Portland is showing the film on April 24th and we wanted to make sure the commentary was ready by then. So, please download, listen and we hope you find it interesting!

Mar 28

The most colossal conflict the screen has ever known!

If you live in the Portland area (in Oregon), make sure you block out the evening of April 24th because the Hollywood Theatre will be showing the 1962 kaiju battle royale, King Kong vs. Godzilla, for a special 50th anniversary screening!

Not only will the theater host the screening, but I will be standing up to say a few words about this monumental film and providing the Hollywood Theatre with material for their pre-show slideshow. Plus, if that’s not enough, we’ll actually have a brand new commentary available for download a few days before the screening AND I’ve changed the Kaijucast Daikaiju Discussion schedule, so that’s a whole month of giant monster madness focusing on this film!

More details to come, but make sure you buy your tickets early because Dan Halsted (Head Programmer/Technical Director for the theater) is pretty sure it’s going to sell out!



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