If you haven’t listened to the Kaijucast, you might be wondering who is filling your ear-holes with such amazing commentary. (ha!) I thought I’d take a few minutes to introduce the players in this comedy of errors…. errr, monsters.


Kyle – Currently, Kyle is the main dude over at the Kaijucast, a bi-monthly podcast dedicated to Godzilla and all of his rubber-suited foes. Honestly, if you made it here and haven’t listened to the podcast, you’d probably enjoy it… so go download and check it out!


Martin – Film and video director and producer, avid outdoors person, lover of dogs, addict to the art of fly fishing, and one lucky idiot. Three time winner – Little Lebowski’s Urban Achiever Award. Martin was the very first guest on the Kaijucast. He’d seen a handful of kaiju films before that momentous occasion, but was quickly ushered into what Kyle calls the “Grand Experiment”. He is now a frequent contributor to the monthly Daikaiju Discussions and laments any and all missed screenings.


Jeff – In grade school, Jeff was voted ‘Most Likely To Build A Monster In His Parents Basement’.   Try as he might, he couldn’t harness the power of life and turned his ambition to building a Mothra costume. Make sure you check out Jeff’s “Mary Tyler Morbid” channel on YouTube.

Heather – Along with Jeff, Heather is another cohost and frequent voice on the Kaijucast. Heather is a life-long geek that loves kaiju film – especially when they are made of “bad” seventies  cheese…sometimes that even includes Godzilla’s entries.


Bryan – An aspiring writer and serious kaiju fan, Bryan and Rachel used to live way out in Colorado. In 2012, though, they finally came to their senses and moved to Portland…and just to be part of the Kaijucast. This, by the way, is what you get when you let someone else write your bio blurb.

Dave – Illustrator, graphic designer and kaiju enthusiast, Dave Helfrey is also the creator and creative director of FrightTown, the biggest Halloween haunted attraction in Oregon. One of these days he’s going to finish one of his screenplays, only one of which features a giant monster.

Cindy – She may be short in stature, but she makes up for it in geek cred. Plus she’s an avid collector of sharp, pointy things that could easily stab the host of the Kaijucast. Biollante forever!!!


Rachel – She is a monster movie loving, action figure and PEZ collecting, comic book reading, video game playing, cat loving, movie watching, robot obsessed SciFi fanatic that loves Pigmon, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, The Flash, Alien Hominid, Data, and the cantina scene.

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