How to use these commentaries

This is a big experiment for us here at the Kaijucast.


At the beginning of each commentary, I’ll entroduce my partners in crime for this “episode” and explain where we are starting the film and pausing. That’s the key right there… In every one of these films, there are a bevy of logos slapped in front of the actual movie. We’ll start the film and tell you which logo to pause after it fades out.

We’ll mention what version of the movie we are watching -Godzilla fans know there are so many options out there- be it BluRay, DVD and who produced that particular version of the movie followed by where we’ve paused the disc for the introductions. As soon as you hear Godzilla’s roar, hit the play button and you should be pretty synced.

As far as getting this into your ears, that’s up to you. Download it to your favorite portable listening device, subscribe via iTunes or some other podcast aggregator or play it directly from the site on your computer or laptop while watching the DVD at home. The choice is yours to make!

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