Feb 14

Can a country survive when two gargantuas battle to the death?


Major apologies for the delay in this update – apparently commentaries are a lot of work! On the plus side, I’ve been listening to a LOT of the commentaries that have been provided by Kaiju eiga historians such as Stuart Galbraith IV, Ed Godziszewski, August Ragone, Steve Ryfle and others in order to get a *much* stronger sense of the depth that these people will go to to make their presentations engaging and informative. I’m determined to make our next commentary something quite amazing – and that’s not going to be easy as the film basically serves as a bold footnote to more popular kaiju films. Thanks to a pol on the main Kaijucast page, our next commentary was voted on by the listeners and will be for the 1966 WAR OF THE GARGANTUAS! And it should be online by the middle of next month.┬áNow if you’ll excuse us….. we’ve got a lot of work to do.

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