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Jul 01

Ol’ Banana Hands….

  Our new commentary has been recorded! It should be online this week… I’ll give you 28 guesses as to what it could be. ūüėČ

Oct 17

That’s A Lot Of Fish…

Oh, it has been so long. We have no excuse. But at least we have recorded our next commentary. I’ve teased it on the podcast, but we wanted to watch a terrible, terrible Godzilla film and drink and really just let loose. Our target? The 1998 American Godzilla from Tri-Star. Yeah… it was a bad …

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Feb 14

Can a country survive when two gargantuas battle to the death?

Major apologies for the delay in this update – apparently commentaries are a lot of work! On the plus side, I’ve been listening to a LOT of the commentaries that have been provided by Kaiju eiga historians such as Stuart Galbraith IV, Ed Godziszewski, August Ragone, Steve Ryfle and others in order to get a …

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Aug 19

Pollution’s hideous spawn dooms the earth to choking horror…

We’ve chosen the next commentary track! Hopefully we’ll be adding another couple of Kaijucast regulars to the list of commentators. Expect to be thrilled and chilled and somewhat educated in September!

Mar 28

The most colossal conflict the screen has ever known!

If you live in the Portland area (in Oregon), make sure you block out the evening of April 24th because the Hollywood Theatre will be showing the 1962 kaiju battle royale,¬†King Kong vs. Godzilla, for a special 50th anniversary screening! Not only will the theater host the screening, but I will be standing up to …

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Feb 27

The first commentary has been recorded!

So Jeff and Martin just left the Kaijucast HQ and we had a blast watching and talking over the 2001 Godzilla¬†¬∑ Mothra¬†¬∑ King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack . We watched the Sony DVD, so make sure you have that if you are going to follow along, you are watching that. The good news is …

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Feb 09

Who are you and what are you doing here?

If you got that Simpsons reference, you are my kind of people!   So if you are here, it’s hopefully because you want to watch one of these giant monster movies and hear what people from the Kaijucast have to say about it. More to come later!!! “Yes, for a minimal franchise fee, you’ll receive …

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